Completes Salon Agam for French President

Completes Salon Agam for French President

Yaacov Agam completes Salon Agam, a room of artwork that French President Georges Pompidou commissioned for the presidential mansion, the Elysée Palace.

The room consists of floor-to-ceiling polyphonic paintings, Agam’s sculpture Le Triangle Volant in the center, a rug woven with 180 colors and an entrance wall made with transparent, hued sliding panels. The room was moved from the Elysée Palace. It now resides at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.  Below, Albert Scaglione, CEO of Park West Gallery, in 2010 takes a tour with Agam inside the exhibit (which is open to the public only from the outside to view).

“Usually when you see a painting and the frame around it, it’s like looking through a window, but you cannot go and walk inside the landscape. So I made this artwork that you can see and you can go inside the painting and every step you do, things change and appear like you are really discovering and walking inside of an image. Then you see all those colors disappear and you just see the statement of the spirituality. If you look from here, right there, you see all the points disappear and become lines. This order is in order. That’s everything- that’s the day, and here you go into the night.”

“The sculpture: triangle, a circle and a square, a line, a surface, and a volume. And everybody who comes here, would find himself always in the center of the heaven” — Yaacov Agam

Featured photo: Salon Agam, taken by Groume

Source: Agam: Beyond the Visible, Sayako Aragaki